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.223 RED Military Blank Adapter, 20" barrel, M4
.223 RED Military Blank Adapter

.223 RED Military Blank Adapter, 20" barrel, M4

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The red Blank Firing Attachment (M15A2) is for the 20" barrel on the M16A1/M16A2 rifle using only an A1 or A2 flash suppressor. This adapter will work on an M4 (or any carbine length mil-spec barrel), but sometimes can cause sporadic cycling malfunctions because of the larger exhaust port, (for the longer gas tube of the A2 20" barrel) thus, requiring more gas to be vented.

Fits over the muzzle of your weapon and captures gas to make the weapon function and cycle with blank ammunition. Easy to install and does not alter the weapon.

•3rd Gen Blank Firing Adapter for Rifle Length AR-15 (20" barrel)
•Fits Standard A1 or A2 Flash Hider and Barrel
•Made from High Strength Steel Alloy with Precision Manufacturing
•Robust User-friendly Ring for Handy Carrying and Operation
•Durable Yellow Paint for Long-Term Protection and Distinction
•New Gen Upgrade with Superior, More Robust and Heavy-duty Center Hex Nut to Provide Mil-standard Performance
•Field and Torture Tested to Meet Most Demanding Requirements and Deliver Best Performance
•Highest Quality, Most Coveted Part for Law Enforcement/Military Training

Uses the following blanks: B223M200CS or B223M200R

Use only in correct caliber as inscribed on the barrel. The red Blank Firing Attachment (M15A2) is for the 20" barrel on the M16A1/M16A2 rifle platform. The gun should never be pointed or fired directly at a person or animal because of possible injury. Always wear proper hearing protection & shooting glasses.

• Blank firing adapter use with blank fire ammunition Only.
• Before installation, make sure the weapon is cleared.
• Do not use any tool to over-tighten the BFA. HAND TIGHTEN ONLY.
• Never fire at anyone within 20 feet.
• After every 30 to 50 rounds depending on your mag capacity, check if the BFA is still securely tightened.
• Clean the carbon buildup on the BFA after each use.

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