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90-SEC Colored Smoke

Available in 8 colors, electric ignition, 70mm, 100,000 cubic ft

Semi-Auto Stage Blanks

Revolver Stage Blanks

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Armoring Services

Our technicians are licensed master firearm armorers for the theme park and motion picture industries.

We utilize a large knowledge base concerning the safe operation, legal modification, maintenance and repair of firearms, both live and blank-firing.

We also promote cast/crew education and emphasize safety on the set to ensure the prop weapons are utilized in a controlled environment and we possess a BATFE Federal Firearms License (FFL) with a Tax Stamp Classification for automatic weapon manufacture and use.

From pistols to revolvers to rifles to automatics, just call. *Please refer to our blank ammunition section for details on obtaining quality brass blank ammunition to accompany your rental firearms! We are the manufacturer—not the distributor.


WALTHER 9mm R.K. Blanks - ON SALE!!

Winchester 10 Gauge BP Blanks Are BACK IN STOCK - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

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