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90-SEC Colored Smoke

Available in 8 colors, electric ignition, 70mm, 100,000 cubic ft

LeMaitre SMART Hazer
Includes smart control
and monitoring features,
allowing the user to
set up and control the
hazer via their mobile
phone or tablet.
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Armoring Services

Our technicians are licensed master firearm armorers for the theme park and motion picture industries.

We utilize a large knowledge base concerning the safe operation, legal modification, maintenance and repair of firearms, both live and blank-firing.

We also promote cast/crew education and emphasize safety on the set to ensure the prop weapons are utilized in a controlled environment and we possess a BATFE Federal Firearms License (FFL) with a Tax Stamp Classification for automatic weapon manufacture and use.

From pistols to revolvers to rifles to automatics, just call. *Please refer to our blank ammunition section for details on obtaining quality brass blank ammunition to accompany your rental firearms! We are the manufacturer—not the distributor.

Winchester 10 Gauge BP Blanks Are BACK IN STOCK - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

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