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Customer Reviews

"The General Manager “David” was super informative and helped me out greatly! I highly recommend their products and recommendations for any blank firing application!!" [VERIFIED BUYER: Elijah R. - on 11/16/2023]

"I placed an order for M200 blanks in mid 2021. I was disappointed with the quality but Boland informed me that was the market standard at the time and promised to make it up to me. I completely forgot about this situation until the GM reached out via email, 2 years later to rectify the situation and send out new boxes of M200 blanks. This is hands down the best customer service I’ve ever received and I plan on using Boland more often, solely based on that fact. Thank you again, and I look forward to doing more business." [VERIFIED BUYER: Nick P. - on 11/7/2023]

"These guys are truly a class act. Exceptional customer service, rapid response and incredibly respectful. They truly stand by what they write on their website: "Know that we are doing everything we can to fulfill as many realistic orders as possible. This is not the time to expect (or anticipate) 1000 rounds of anything; or to price gouge one another." I am a very happy customer and will continue to do business with them. This place a true hidden gem." [VERIFIED BUYER: Khaled S. - on 2/10/2021]

"All I can say is WOW ! The service I received was the best I've ever received. Very fast shipping and great prices, is shadowed only by the quality of the product that I received. A+A+A" [VERIFIED BUYER: Joe T. - on 1/3/2021]

"I want to Thank the people at Boland Production Supply for the Fine job and and a Great Product in providing us with your Quality Blank Ammo for the Ely Honor Guard. Thank you for helping us send off our Veterans with a Reliable, Loud and sharp Report that they deserve. We salute the Boland Production Supply Co. for a Job well done. [Commander Bob N. - Ely Honor Guard - Ely, MN - on 10/18/19]

Important Forms

Wildlife Control Statement 

Required for purchase of all Bird Deterrent items.

Rental Agreement 

Required for rental of equipment and props, including firearms.

Credit Card Account Security Form 

Required as a security deposit on all rentals - including equipment and firearms.

Sample Insurance Certificate    

An example of a General Liability Insurance Certificate - required for all rentals.

Policies & Terms of Sale

Read our Policies, Terms, and Conditions information BEFORE placing an order.

Manufacturer Recalls

Winchester 115 grain 9mm FMJ Ammunition - June 21, 2021

AMENDED - 6 August 2022

Winchester has determined isolated lots of 9mm Luger 115 FMJ and JHP ammunition may contain propellant that does not properly ignite and burn when the cartridge is fired. Ammunition containing propellant that does not properly ignite and burn may result in a bullet remaining in the barrel (i.e., a bullet-in-bore obstruction). Firing a subsequent bullet into the bore obstruction could cause firearm damage, rendering the firearm inoperable and subjecting the shooter and bystanders to a risk of serious personal injury. Click here for the official recall notice and resolution procedures: WINCHESTER 115gr RECALL

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