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We pride ourselves on feedback from our customers, the level of service they receive, and their overall experience by selecting our company to make it happen.

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"I want to Thank the people at Boland Production Supply for the Fine job and and a Great Product in providing us with your Quality Blank Ammo for the Ely Honor Guard. Thank you for helping us send off our Veterans with a Reliable, Loud and sharp Report that they deserve. We salute the Boland Production Supply Co. for a Job well done. [Commander Bob N. - Ely Honor Guard - Ely, MN - on 10/18/19]

"Before reviewing the product, I have to begin by reviewing the company. In a day and age where I find customer service nearly non-existent, this is definitely not the case with Boland. Their customer service is top notch, and everyone I've spoken with there is incredibly helpful and friendly. I wouldn't think of buying anywhere else. As for the product, I have never had an issue with these blanks. No misfires. No duds. Nothing but the absolute best quality you could ask for. They give me just the effect I'm looking for. [Keith C. - Dunnellon, FL on 8/9/2019]


BOLAND AMMO SALES CERTIFICATION AGREEMENT - required for purchases of blank ammunition in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Washington DC

WILDLIFE CONTROL STATEMENT - required for purchases of all Bird Deterrent items

RENTAL AGREEMENT - required for all prop rentals

CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT SECURITY FORM - required for all prop rentals

SAMPLE INSURANCE CERTIFICATE - Example of a properly completed Certificate of General Liability (CGL) - required for all prop rentals

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